Thursday, January 23, 2014

I did it. The book is on Amazon.

 Hello, I am up and writing early on this cold, cold day. I am writing another Mystery. I don’t know what to call it. Finding the right name for a book is very crucial. And finding a name that hasn’t already been used is almost impossible.  But, I do like to write and I love it when the characters take over and write the book for you. You know when they just take over and you can’t type fast enough to keep up with them. I love that. However, when the book is finished, then what? I don’t know what to do with it then. Like the one I just finished, Dead man at High Tea. I am trying, and if you just type the name of the book in Google search, you can see some of the ways I am trying to promote it. Please let me know if you have any ideas that will help me. And, yes, I am planning to be at the WVWriters Annual conference in Ripley. See you there. Below is more about the book. 
Dead Man at High Tea, By Mystery Writer, Liz LaMac                                                           Lucy Conley, who is a columnist for a women’s magazine, High Tea and Garden Parties is giving a high tea for 75 prominent women, in Virginia, including the Governor’s wife. It is just minutes before time for the guest to arrive when Lucy discovers a dead man in the music room. There isn’t time for her to involve the sheriff, so to save the tea and not disappoint the women; Lucy tries to hide the dead man in the armoire.  But she can’t get one of his legs to go in. The door bell is ringing. She locks the music room doors and tries to keep calm as she goes on, as planned, with the High Tea.  But during the tea, Leroy the butler finds the body and not wanting to spoil Lucy’s special day; he drags the dead man into the hall closet. However, after the tea is over, and the handsome High Sheriff arrives the body is gone. This mystery has some very serious moments alongside the humor that is always there, when Liz writes.

Dead Man at High Tea, By Mystery Writer, Liz LaMac   This is a soft cozy mystery. You will want to read all Liz’s mystery books                                                        

****Hi, this is Liz LaMac, I am writing to tell you about my new book. The title is Dead Man at High Tea. It is a mystery involving the finding of a dead body in the stately Victorian mansion and home of Lucy Conley on the morning of one of her fancy, high society gatherings which she calls "High Tea". The body comes up missing several times, and Lucy, along with some of her other friends, battle against time to solve the case before one of them is arrested for the crime.

Dead Man at High Tea is my latest book. It is on Kindle and you can order a copy from Amazon. Thanks for reading this, and please go take a look on Kindle. Liz LaMac


Saturday, October 30, 2010

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Liz LaMac, Author, Entertainer, TV Personality, Ventriloquist, and Fun Lover

Let me introduce myself as one of the Rowdy Writers.  I  have been a freelance writer for many years.  I have published work in magazines and newspapers.  I wrote a syndicated newspaper column called Frogs and Spices.  I hosted a syndicated radio show called Liz LaMac's Roving Studio.  I produced and hosted live Country Music Shows, The Liz LaMac Show.  And, I have written jokes and show scripts and songs.  My syndicated television show, King Joe's Palace, delighted children in this country and a few others for several years.

I still have people coming up to me and asking, "Are you the, the, Lady Liz that I watched on television as a kid?"  My best story though happened recently when a young man walked into an Antique Store, saw me, and voiced his astonishment.  He told me that one of my silly songs, Rag Mop, was what got him through a very rough and scary situation while on duty.  He said he kept singing, "Rag Mop" and doing the "Rag Mop Dance" to calm his nerves and keep him sane while being completely terrified under enemy fire.

I am wondering how many people are out there now who still can't get that silly tune out of their heads?
Back to being a writer.  We all need bread and butter money from time to time and mine has been over 80 different 32 page "peg board" books.  I've written on everything from out houses to fresh butter recipes.

The Rowdy Writers Unite

The twelve rowdy writers, now a year into Jeff Fuller's West Virginia Writers Project, are ready for publishing.  Most of us have written and published before.  With Jeff's guidance we are confident and have our completed novels ready for the big time.

Let us introduce ourselves and tell you about our current writing projects.